COM-490-00 with Professor Dalton

      In this CUE Seminar, Professor Dalton awarded his students with an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in professional and project management. This Culminating Undergraduate Experience (CUE) Seminar provided weekly assignments that were not only interesting, but very hands on. The weekly readings that were assigned, provided insight into what we would be doing in class for that upcoming week. For example, we had a week all about project development and how to pitch an idea, choose a destiny, and pitch documentation that provides a lot of knowledge into the sales department. This all led up to our culminating project, where each of the 11 class members had to pick their own CUE Seminar Project.

      The drafting process of the project was very strenuous, tiring, and a lot of mistakes were made. However, coming across obstacles and overcoming them were a big part of this project and course expectations. I wanted to pitch an idea to the Muhlenberg community about an issue on campus that was very important to me. People love the food on campus, but come across a lot of problems dealing with a lack of variety and healthy alternatives. Even though I knew this was a problem that would not be fixed overnight, it was vital that the idea was pitched so that future generations of Muhlenberg students would not have to go through the problems that my generation did.

      This collaborative workshop provided time to create an “end-product” that could be pitched to the Muhlenberg community. I decided to create an online interactive website, where people can communicate about their latest thoughts and feelings towards the food on campus. I was surprised with how many people actually agreed with my stance on the problem and wanted to see a difference in the semesters to come. All in all, this CUE Seminar taught how you should never give up on yourself and if you want to pitch an idea about something you deeply believe in, then go for it!